My Approach To Therapy

I am committed to finding the best and fastest approach to solving each person’s problem. To do so, I draw on twenty-five years of  training and experience in traditional therapies, hypnotherapy and thought-field therapy.

Life is filled with lessons. My goal is to not just solve the current problem but to face into the challenge in a way that improves one’s life and makes it stronger.

When the advice of family and friends doesn’t seem to help, it is time to turn to a well-trained and experienced therapist.

I  have been  a psychotherapist for over twenty years. After receiving my Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Social Work from New York University, I worked for eight years with children and their families in a clinic here in New York City. Recognizing the need for additional training in family therapy in both the clinic and my practice practice with adults, I studied at The Family Studies Institute of New York for two years. Excited by what I was learning, I went for more advanced training in an intensive three year program at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. Some problems, however, were not resolved by traditional approaches and for those I learned hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Recently, I have been using thought-field therapy which has unbelievably fast results and is particularly good for those for whom talking about issues hasn’t worked. I combine all that I have learned in my training, my over twenty years of experience and my own life lessons to help the people who come to me to find the most effective approaches to their problems.