Individual Therapy

People most often look for help when they feel anxious and dissatisfied.  In my approach, everything is built on assessing the reality of a situation because it is much easier to build an effective approach to solving problems based on a realistic assessment of ones hopes and dreams. I then customize my approach in collaboration with the individual that I am working with. Call me to discuss what that might mean for you.

In therapy, I can help you get your heart and head working together so that you can develop your potentials and build a fuller and happier life. My goal is to help you get to the root of your problems so that you can resolve the situation in such a way that you will do better in the challenging situations that will come up in the future. 

The approach that has me most fascinated at present is thought-field-therapy that utilizes tapping on acupuncture points to dramatically decrease anxiety and the effects of traumas. I am amazed at the way this simple technique enables so many people to overcome anxieties, fears and traumas that have troubled them their whole lives in just a few sessions. If this is of interest to you, call me to find out if this might be right for you. You can also look at this interesting video to have an idea of how simple and straightforward it is.