Family and Couple Therapy

Each couple or family has its own unique history, values and ways of trying to fulfill their needs. As a licensed marriage and family therapist who was trained at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, I have fulfilled the rigorous requirements of New York State. I have twenty years of experience in which I have helped families and couples solve the many kinds of problems that arise in families and couples. Call me to see if I seem like the right person to help you.

My approach is logical and straight forward. The first thing that I do is to focus on communication. I listen to see if family members are talking the same language, because usually they aren’t. I  help clarify what each person’s needs are, and how they are or are not being met. If helping them to communicate doesn’t resolve the issue, that’s when years of training and experience in dealing with families are absolutely essential.

I have a special interest in bi-cultural couples that has made me realize that every couple is in many ways bi-cultural. After all, men really are from Mars and women from Venus. Each of our families of origin has its own subculture and taught us to have different expectations as to how people should behave together.

Another area of special interest of mine is couples who are considering marriage. I have found that Gottman’s research-based approach helps couples the most to explore all different aspects of their relationship in such a way as to lay a sound foundation for the future.